In 1978, Chef David Silver didn’t realize that he was embarking on a life long career in food service. While in high school he worked as a busboy in a very popular family restaurant in Fair Haven, NJ (Lock, Stock n’ Barrel). As soon as a position in the kitchen became available, he filled it eagerly. After high school, he attended Johnson & Wales College in Providence, Rhode Island. Mr. Silver graduated in 1984 with degrees in Culinary Arts and Food Service Management. In the mid 1980”s, Mr. Silver honed his skills while working in several haute establishments in Brittany and Paris, France. Upon returning to the USA, he secured a position at the three star Sign Of The Dove Restaurant in New York City. He quickly rose through the ranks and became sous chef. This was followed by several executive chef positions over the next few years in NYC. Included in this list are Cavaliere, The Water’s Edge & Arizona 206. Always looking to further develop his acumen, Mr. Silver took to restaurant consulting which included: The Park Slope Brewing Company, Vynl Diner, The Tudor Grill, Flying Burritos & Relish. David now felt that it was time to embark on a project of his own. In 1999, he opened Second Helpings Café & Juice Bar in Park Slope, Brooklyn. It was there that he spent the next ten years catering to a very discerning clientele. He developed a strong following for his healthful yet highly creative and flavorful dishes that spanned the globe. After some life changing events, he adopted a vegan lifestyle and became adept in the preparation of raw/ living foods. It has become his mission to share this with all who are concerned about their health, the environment and animal rights issues.

Park slope


“the most outrageous butternut squash soup on the planet” Brooklyn, NY 718 541 4474